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Indiestack by Jake Trefethen

The MVP toolkit for indie hackers. Bootstrap ready to launch apps with Auth, Payments, Landing pages and more in under 10 minutes. No fluff, just speed.

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Indiestack is a full-stack starter project template that aims to help indie developers and startups quickly build and launch web applications.

Some key points:

  • It provides opinionated solutions for common needs like authentication, payments, template pages, and transactional emails to help developers get started quickly.

  • The template is built with React and Firebase to provide both a frontend and backend in a single project that can be deployed with one command.

  • It focuses on only including what’s essential to get a minimum viable product launched fast, without unnecessary features or complexity.

  • The goal is to help developers shorten their timeline from idea to market by reusing common solutions and allowing them to spend less time on infrastructure and more on their core product.

In summary, Indiestack is a starter template designed to help indie hackers and startups rapidly build and launch web apps by providing essential features out of the box in a simple and flexible full-stack project.


  • $199

All licences include

  • Auth & users (Firebase)
  • Database (no-sql, JSON-like)
  • Design system (Chakra UI)
  • Payments (one-time, tiered subscriptions)
  • Serverless backend (Firebase)
  • Template pages (landing, pricing, settings, etc.)
  • Transactional emails (React.Email, Resend)
  • Lifetime access to updates and add-ons


Payment processors

  • Lemon Squeezy

Languages / frameworks

  • React
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