ABP by Volosoft

A comprehensive web development platform on ASP.NET Core with pre-built modules, startup templates, rapid dev tools, pro UI themes & premium support.

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ABP is a starting codebase and framework for building web applications using ASP.NET Core and Angular. It aims to provide common functionality out of the box, like authentication, authoriSation, user management, and localiSation, so that developers can focus on their unique business logic.

Some key things it offers:

  • A modern UI and SOLID architecture starting codebase with full source code
  • Common requirements like login, user management, settings, logging pre-built
  • Rapid application development with built-in features and tooling
  • Support for multi-tenancy, localiSation, automated testing and more
  • Integrates with popular third-party tools and services, such as Azure, AWS, Stripe, and SendGrid
  • Available in Visual Studio as a solution that can be customized
  • Used as a base by over 120,000 customers globally across many industries

In summary, it’s a starting point framework and codebase that aims to accelerate development of web applications by providing common functionality and patterns out of the box.


  • $2999 for Team
  • $5999 for Business
  • $9999 for Enterprise

All licences include

  • Account
  • Audit Logging
  • Blogging
  • Blogging
  • Chat
  • CMS Kit
  • File Management
  • Forms
  • GDPR
  • Identity, Identity Server UI
  • Language Management
  • Lepton Theme & LeptonX Pro
  • Manage tenants, multi-tenant / SaaS application
  • OpenIddict UI
  • Payment
  • Publish technical documentation
  • Text Template Management
  • Twilio SMS
  • Unlimited server deployments
  • 1 year of upgrades & premium forum support


Payment processors

  • 2Checkout
  • PayPal
  • PayU
  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • ABP Framwork
  • Drapper
  • MongoDB
  • Angular
  • Blazor
  • Razor Pages
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