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Reduce the cost and time spent of creating a SaaS application using pre-built modules. Build SaaS products in React and Django fast.

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SaaS Boilerplate is an open-source toolkit that provides pre-built components and infrastructure to help speed up the development of SaaS applications.

It includes modules for authentication, payments, subscriptions, email functionality and integration with services like Stripe and Contentful.

The infrastructure module standardises the deployment process using AWS services like load balancers and provisioning everything needed through code.

SaaS Boilerplate aims to save developers time by avoiding the need to build basic but common features from scratch for each new project, allowing them to focus on their specific business logic.

It is intended to work with any programming languages or business models.


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All licences include

  • Auth (social login, 2FA)
  • Emails (transactional, scheduled, Storybook test emails, internationalisation)
  • Subscriptions (instant, recurring, free trial, grace period)
  • Payments
  • CMS Integration (Contentful)
  • OpenAI Integration
  • shadcn UI
  • Docker, PostgreSQL

SaaS Boilerplate

Optimised hosting

  • AWS

Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Django
  • React
  • Typescript
  • JSX
  • Tailwind CSS
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