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BlazorPlate by Soledad Mustafa

The ultimate clean architecture .NET starter template for multi-tenant/SaaS Blazor apps with multilingual support.

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BlazorPlate is a template for building .NET projects using Blazor WebAssembly.

It features robust authentication and authorisation, seamless cross-cutting concerns like validation and transactions, and support for both multi-tenant and single-tenant modes.

The template is powered by cutting-edge frameworks like .NET 8 and MudBlazor, and aims to follow best practices for security, performance, and maintainability. It also includes features like multilingual support with localisation, flexible database options, and concurrency handling.

BlazorPlate is a template aimed at speeding up development of .NET and Blazor projects by handling common features so developers can focus on unique functionality.


  • $499 for Professional Edition (no Multi-Tenant Support)
  • $999 for SaaS Edition (includes Multi-Tenant Support)

All licences include

  • Access Token Management
  • API Response Wrapper
  • Atomic Database Transaction
  • Background Reporting Services
  • Based on MudBlazor
  • Clean Architecture
  • Concurrency Conflicts Detection
  • Customized ASP.NET Identity
  • Dynamic Claims-Based Authorization
  • File Storage Management
  • Global Exception Handler
  • Localization & Multilingual Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • OAuth 2.0 External Login Providers
  • On-Demand Reporting Services
  • Role-Based Authorization
  • Users Management
  • Full Source Code Included
  • Lifetime Usage License
  • Lifetime Technical Support Plan
  • Free 1-Year Access to the Latest Source Code
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Deployments


Languages / frameworks

  • .NET
  • Blazor
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