Josef Strzibny

Business Class by Josef Strzibny

A Ruby on Rails SaaS template with subscriptions, SEO-optimised blog, and built-in Kamal deployment. Build and deploy a startup this very weekend.

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Business Class is a Ruby on Rails template designed to help users quickly build and deploy a SaaS application.

It includes common features like recurring subscriptions via Stripe or Paddle, an integrated SEO-optimised blog, and an automated single-server deployment process using Kamal.

Their philosophy:

  • Standard Rails - Business Class is built with all the common conventions and stays as close to vanilla Rails as possible. That means Hotwire, Active Storage or Minitest.

  • Just a template - Your product won’t have any reference to Business Class whatsoever. No private gems, no Business Class named modules, nothing. This is your application.

The goal is to allow users to go from initialising a new project to having an online application up and running within a weekend by handling many of the complexities involved in building and deploying a modern SaaS through its pre-built functionality and configuration.

The maker supports purchasing power parity.


All licences include

  • Admin (Sidekiq, PgHero dashboards)
  • API (token-based auth, request throttling)
  • Authentication (Devise-based, 2FA with OTP)
  • Deployment (Kamal)
  • Developer experience (db Docker Compose setup, quick log-in, fake subscriptions, automatic GitHub CI)
  • Internationalisation
  • Scaffolding
  • SEO-optimised Blog like Hey and Framer
  • Subscriptions (Pay gem, free subscriptions, pause plans)
  • Tailwind Theme
  • Teams
  • Tests
  • 50+ features
  • 1 year of updates

Business Class

Payment processors

  • Paddle
  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Tailwind CSS
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