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DjaoDjin by Sebastien Mirolo

A coherent Platform-as-a-Service perfectly suited to iterate practices sharing, assessment & certification products. With native support for user management, subscription billing, and role-based access control (RBAC), customers can easily demonstrate compliance with GDPR, HIPPA and PCI regulations.

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DjaoDjin is a programmable platform designed for running surveys, assessments, audits, and collecting other types of information. Some key uses include supplier sourcing events, annual reporting, regulatory compliance, and professional certifications.

It goes beyond just the software features by also providing industry expertise to help customers with important aspects like designing effective questionnaires, engaging respondents, verifying response data, and analysing results. It has been used since 2018 to run customised campaigns for different customers.

Some of the building blocks and features mentioned include surveys, document storage, benchmarking, scoring, reporting, and tools for improvement planning. It also has capabilities for accounts, billing, access control, and other functionality expected of an enterprise-grade software as a service platform.

In summary, DjaoDjin is a full-featured programmable platform for conducting various types of information gathering processes, while also offering human expertise to help customers with important design and implementation questions. It aims to provide all the core features expected of a professional SaaS product.


  • $0 for Open Source
  • $119/month for Managed Hosting

All licences include

  • Access Control
  • Account profiles (GDPR compliance)
  • Authentication (SSO, JST, MFA, CSRF-protected sessions)
  • Billing dashboards, subscription, checkout
  • Custom themes
  • Error pages
  • Landing pages (Home, Pricing, Contact, Terms)
  • Payment workflows
  • Registration


Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Django
  • Bootstrap CSS
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