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Gravity by Kyle Gawley

The original Node.js SaaS boilerplate with React. Includes authentication, payments, social sign-ons, user management plus lots more. Works with MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB. Battle-tested by 500+ customers.

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Gravity is a Node.js SaaS boilerplate to help developers quickly build production-ready SaaS applications.

Some key points:

  • It includes common features needed for a SaaS like user authentication, payments, database integration, API, and more so developers can focus on their unique product features.

  • Developers can choose from a MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL or SQLite database. It also integrates with Stripe for payments.

  • The boilerplate is built with Node.js and React and includes over 50 pre-built UI components.

  • Additional features include social login, multi-language support, AI integrations, email notifications, and a user management dashboard.

  • Setup and deployment is designed to be simple and fast with documentation and video tutorials available.

  • Ongoing support is provided through Discord, email and weekly code updates for the lifetime of using the product.

  • Over 500 businesses have used Gravity to build their SaaS applications quickly and reliably.

In summary, the Gravity SaaS boilerplate is a comprehensive starting point or “starter kit” that aims to help developers launch production-ready SaaS applications in less time by including common features and best practices.


  • $695 $556 for Starter1
  • $895 $716 for Web2
  • $1595 $1276 for Power3
  • from $2995 for Elite (Market-ready SaaS-in-a-box)

All licences include

  • 50+ Tailwind (or SCSS) styled components
  • AI Text & Images
  • Choose Your Database (MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, SQLite, with Knex or Mongoose)
  • Email Notifications
  • Error & Event Logging
  • Localisation
  • Onboarding & Feedback
  • Pre-built Components
  • Scaffolding (create new MVC via CLI)
  • SEO-friendly Next.js Landing Page
  • Social Logins
  • Subscription Payments
  • Teams
  • Tests
  • User Management
  • Users & Authentication
  • Node.js server
  • React web client
  • Full source code
  • Discord community
  • Lifetime support
  • 1 year of updates


Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Node.js
  • React
  • Tailwind CSS



  1. Offers a $139 discount at time of publishing

  2. Offers a $179 discount at time of publishing

  3. Offers a $319 discount at time of publishing

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