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Indie Starter aims to help indie developers and startups speed up the launch of your SaaS products by providing a standardised technology stack and pre-configured tools and services.

Some key points:

  • It includes frameworks like Next.js and libraries like Tailwind CSS to help with frontend development.

  • It integrates third-party services like Supabase for authentication and a PostgreSQL database, Stripe for payments, and Umami for analytics to save time on setup.

  • Common tasks like authentication, payments, SEO, and analytics are pre-configured to reduce the initial workload.

  • Developers can build unlimited projects using the boilerplate code while avoiding repetitive configuration and integration tasks.

  • The kit claims to save developers over 20 hours of work typically required for initial setup and configuration of common tools and services for a SaaS project.

In summary, Indie Starter aims to be a one-stop solution that streamlines the launch of indie SaaS products by providing a standardised tech stack and pre-integrated third party tools.


  • $149 for Starter
  • $199 for Pro

All licences include

  • Auth with Supabase (Magic Links, oAuth, email templates)
  • Catch errors at build time (TS) and run time (Zod)
  • Customisable UI (Shadcn)
  • Legal pages
  • Postgres database
  • Protected routes
  • SEO (meta tags, OpenGraph tags, sitemap)
  • Documentation

The Pro licence additionally includes:

  • Analytics (Umami, Google Analytics)
  • Email integration (Resend)
  • Payments (subscriptions, one-time)

Indie Starter

Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Next.js
  • Typescript
  • Tailwind CSS
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