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Just Launch It by James Joffe

A fully-loaded SvelteKit boilerplate to rapidly build and launch your unicorn SaaS, AI or web startup so you can get to market faster.

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Just Launch It is a pre-built startup boilerplate that aims to help entrepreneurs rapidly build and launch their web apps.

Some key points:

  • It provides a pre-configured tech stack including SvelteKit, SQLite database, Stripe payments, authentication, SEO tags, and Tailwind CSS out of the box.

  • This is intended to help founders skip the initial setup steps and get straight to building their product faster, aiming to help them validate ideas and start earning revenue more quickly.

  • The boilerplate is developer-friendly, backed by over a decade of industry experience, and designed for momentum and extensibility so founders don’t get bogged down in initial decisions.


  • $269 for Just the bones (No lifetime updates)
  • $299 for Looks good! Ship it! (Lifetime updates)

All licences include

  • Components and layouts
  • Lucia auth (including Google Oauth & Email/Password)
  • OpenAI SDK
  • Resend emails
  • SEO
  • shadcn UI
  • Stripe subscriptions, payments and webhooks
  • SvelteKit boilerplate
  • Turso SQLite DB + Drizzle ORM

Just Launch It

Optimised hosting

  • Vercel

Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • SvelteKit
  • Typescript
  • Tailwind CSS


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