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Lists Kit by Jason Leow

A plain HTML, CSS, JavaScript boilerplate for making simple info directories with minimal maintenance.

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Lists Kit is a plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript template for creating simple information directories with minimal coding and maintenance requirements.

Some key points:

  • It provides pre-built sections and components like navigation bars, headers, features lists, forms, testimonials and more that can be easily customised.

  • The template is delivered as a single index.html file so it can be deployed quickly by uploading to a hosting platform without any build steps or tool dependencies.

  • It aims to have good performance out of the box and is responsive on different devices.

  • Support is provided through documentation and a Telegram community group. Regular updates to the template are included with some purchase options.

  • It is intended for users who know basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript and want to quickly create informational websites without relying on complex frameworks or builds.

In summary, Lists Kit allows simple informational directories to be created and hosted with just HTML/CSS/JS code for low ongoing maintenance over time.


  • $97 for Starter
  • $197 for Premium

All licences include

  • Boilerplate in a single index.html file
  • Anti-spam (Botpoison)
  • Fonts (Google Fonts, Fontawesome)
  • Forms (Formspark, Netlify)
  • Light / dark mode templates
  • Pre-built UI components:
    • Navbar, hero, feature, CTA, footer
    • Form
    • Testimonials, carousel
    • Card listings, modals, FAQ accordion
    • Pricing table
    • More being developed regularly
  • Telegram community
  • Unlimited sites

The Premium licence offers lifetime updates and email support.

Lists Kit

Optimised hosting

  • Cloudflare Pages

Languages / frameworks

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
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