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Nodewood by Perihelion Heavy Industries

Save weeks or months of development time and start writing code now with this Vue.js/Node.js Javascript SaaS starter kit focused on setting you up for success.

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Nodewood is a Node.js and Vue.js starter kit and boilerplate for building Software as a Service (SaaS) web applications.

It aims to save developers significant time by providing common functionality and infrastructure out of the box, including user authentication, subscription management integrated with Stripe, an admin console, and Vue.js components.

The key things it provides without needing to be built from scratch are user authentication, subscriptions, database integration, and a starter frontend. Developers can use Nodewood to quickly build the foundations of a SaaS app and then focus on their unique business logic and features.

It is open source and available in single-project and unlimited-project licence plans.


  • $295 for Single
  • $595 for Unlimited

All licences include

  • Admin console
  • Database integration
  • Starter frontend
  • Subscription management
  • User authentication
  • Vue.js components
  • Full source code
  • Lifetime updates


Optimised hosting

  • Docker

Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Node.js
  • Knex.js
  • Vue.js
  • Tailwind CSS
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