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ProtonStack by Ozan Yildirim

The best way to start a full-stack, typesafe Next.js SaaS project with Clerk.dev, Prisma, Tailwind, Shadcn UI, Typescript and more.

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ProtonStack is a Next.js starter kit and boilerplate that provides developers with a pre-configured development environment and tools to build full-stack web applications quickly and efficiently.

Some key features highlighted on the page include:

  • A modern tech stack with Next.js, React, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and other popular tools
  • Type safety and robust testing with TypeScript, Jest and other libraries
  • Clean and consistent code with ESLint and Prettier
  • Flexibility to use different databases like PlanetScale, Supabase and Neon with Prisma ORM
  • Authentication and user management with Clerk.dev
  • Optional multi-tenancy support for building B2B SaaS products
  • Integration with Stripe for payments and subscriptions
  • Ready-made components, templates and features to build marketing sites like blogs and documentation
  • Support for both B2C and B2B products

In summary, ProtonStack aims to be a one-stop shop that provides developers with all the tools and configurations they need to quickly build production-ready modern web applications, from the frontend to backend and payments.


  • $0 for Free (1 project, 1 user, B2C payments)
  • $249 for Developer (Unlimited projects, 1 user, B2C & B2B payments)
  • $469 for Teams (Unlimited projects, Unlimited collaborators, B2C & B2B payments)

All licences include

  • Authentication (Clerk.dev, Social SSO, Magic Links)
  • Blog (MDX)
  • Dark / light theme
  • Dashboard
  • Database with Prisma ORM (PlanetScale, Supabase, Neon, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Documentation (MDX)
  • Multi-tenancy (Clerk.dev)
  • Onboarding
  • Pixel perfect UI (Shadcn UI, Radix UI)
  • SEO optimisation (Next.js)
  • Subscriptions
  • Tests (Jest, Cypress, Reacting Testing Library)
  • Validation (Zod)
  • Community Support
  • Lifetime updates

Note: The Free licence only includes Payments, and not all of the above.


Optimised hosting

  • Vercel

Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Typescript
  • Tailwind CSS
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