Harrison Broadbent

RailsNotes UI by Harrison Broadbent

Use this starter kit to skip building authentication, billing & passwords resets. You could be shipping today instead, with the Ruby on Rails template that nails the bullsh*t.

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RailsNotes UI is a pre-built Rails application template that includes common features like user authentication, billing integrations, background job processing, and deployment configurations.

The starter kit is intended to save developers time by providing these features out of the box, rather than having to build them from scratch. It can be purchased for a one-time fee, and you receive lifetime access to use and modify the code for your own projects.

It includes a basic plan for just the starter kit, as well as an all-access plan that includes additional Rails components.

In summary, it is a pre-built Rails application template aimed at expediting development for new projects.


All licences include

  • Background jobs (Sidekiq, Redis)
  • Billing integration (checkout links, subscription status)
  • Custom fonts
  • Database (PostgreSQL)
  • Login, OAuth, password resets (Devise)
  • OpenGraph images
  • SEO tag helpers
  • Setup scripts
  • Tests (RSpec, Minitest)
  • Web server (Puma)
  • Detailed documentation and videos
  • Free updates + bug fixes
  • Unlimited projects

RailsNotes UI

Optimised hosting

  • Heroku
  • Hatchbox
  • Render

Payment processors

  • Stripe
  • Paddle

Languages / frameworks

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Tailwind CSS
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