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SaaS Forge is a Python/React boilerplate that aims to help developers quickly build and launch SaaS applications.

Some key points:

  • It provides a modular, ready-to-use foundation for a SaaS app, including project configuration, database models, and JWT authentication.

  • The front-end is built with ReactJS and uses a slick, responsive design to make the front-end development easy.

  • The back-end is built with Python and uses a RESTful API and ORM for interacting with the PostgreSQL database. It includes features like error handling.

  • Out of the box it includes common SaaS app pages, components, and features like user login/registration, a dashboard, profile page, alerts and error handling.

  • Additional paid and free modules are in development to add advanced functionality for payments, social logins, email integration, image uploading and more.

  • The goal is to help developers save time and money by providing a full-stack SaaS application foundation they can build upon or launch directly.


  • $0 for Open Source
  • $239 for Professional
  • $1999 for Business

All licences include

  • Basic components
  • Fully-functional dashboard project
  • PostgreSQL
  • All free updates
  • Support by email

SaaS Forge

Payment processors

  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Python
  • React
  • Bootstrap CSS
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