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SaaS UI by Eelco Wiersma

Modern React component library and starterkit for SaaS, B2B and internal tools. Built with Chakra UI and Next.js.

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Saas UI is a React component library and Next.js starter kit for building SaaS products.

Some key points:

  • It includes over 100 open source React components covering common UI elements like forms, tables, charts and more. These are designed specifically for building SaaS apps.

  • It also has a premium version that includes additional advanced components, starter kits, documentation and tools to help with user onboarding, billing, theming and other common SaaS features.

  • The components are designed to work out of the box but also be customisable. They follow best practices for accessibility, performance and extensibility.

  • In addition to the code components, it includes design resources like a Figma library to help with prototyping and visual design.

The goal is to handle common SaaS frontend needs so developers can focus on building unique business logic and features for their product. It aims to significantly speed up design anddevelopment of SaaS applications.


  • €99 for Figma Pro (Figma design system)
  • €249 for Boostrap (bootstrappers, small teams)
  • €999 for Startup (growing teams, agencies)
  • from €2499/month for Membership

All licences include

  • Collection of clean and minimalist Chakra UI themes
  • Components and hooks for upgrade flows
  • Components on private NPM registry
  • Extensive documentation
  • Feature flags
  • Figma design system
  • Generators for extending your design system
  • Monorepo with Turborepo for full control
  • Starter kits for authentication, billing, example pages
  • Themes with darkmode support
  • User onboarding flows
  • Unlimited projects
  • 1 year of updates


Optimised hosting

  • Vercel

Languages / frameworks

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Electron


1.1k stars on GitHub

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