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The Next.js boilerplate with all the stuff you need to get your product in front of customers. From idea to production in 5 minutes.

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What is ShipFast?

ShipFast is a game-changing boilerplate that empowers Next.js-lovin’ indie makers to launch their startups in days, not weeks. Developed by Marc Louvion, a seasoned entrepreneur who’s been there and done that, ShipFast is packed with all the essential features you need to get your business up and running - from payments and user authentication to email marketing and SEO.


What makes ShipFast unique?

  • Saves time and focus on what matters: building a business
  • Avoids headaches like emails ending in spam or handling Stripe subscriptions
  • Gets you profitable fast; the more you ship, the more you learn, the more you earn

The best part? ShipFast is more than just a code repository. It’s a supportive community of makers who are all on a mission to ship fast and get profitable. With detailed tutorials, ChatGPT-powered templates, and a Discord channel full of accountability and inspiration, ShipFast is your one-stop-shop for turning your startup dreams into reality.

Marc even includes tips to write copy that sells.

Who can benefit from ShipFast?

  • Indie makers building AI tools, SaaS, or any other web app
  • Newbie coders who want to ship projects quickly
  • Experienced entrepreneurs looking to launch startups faster
  • Anyone who wants to get profitable online in record time

If you’re a TailwindCSS lover, the biggest selling point is probably the daisyUI component library. That alone will save you 8 hours of work if you want to customise the app to match your branding.

Watch the 3-minute demo:

Pros & cons

Pay once to build unlimited projectsLifetime support only for All-in pack
Automatic sitemap for Google indexingCommunity support only for All-in pack
20+ daisyUI themesT&C AI prompts only for All-in pack


What is included in all licences?

  • Authentication (NextAuth, Supabase)
  • Components & animations, 20+ themes, auto dark mode
  • Customer support (Crisp)
  • Database with Mongoose schema & plugins / Postgres tables (Mongodb, Supabase)
  • Emails, DNS records, avoid spam (Mailgun)
  • Payments, webhook, checkout (Stripe, Lemon Squeezy)
  • SEO, blog structure, meta tags, OpenGraph tags, sitemap
  • Waitlist page + email capture

Payment processors

  • Lemon Squeezy
  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Next.js
  • Tailwind CSS


#2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt (936 upvotes)

ShipFast reviews

I wanted to build a new startup with Next.js, and saw @marc_louvion launched as a boilerplate for it 🔥

Tried it for myself, and I have to say it’s a game changer 🚀

Comes with easy to follow tutorial, and saves you a ton of time. What’s not to love?

Yifan Goh

Marc, I got your boilerplate and having the payments setup with Stripe + user auth is a blessing. This will save me like a week of work for each new side project I spin up.

I appreciate that is well documented, as well.

100% worth it 🚀🚀🚀

Victor Abeledo


So, whether you’re building an AI tool, a SaaS, or any other web app, ShipFast has got your back. Spend your time focusing on what really matters - building your business - and let this powerful boilerplate handle the rest. With ShipFast, you’ll be making your first dollars online in no time!



  1. Offers a $100 discount at time of publishing

  2. Offers a $100 discount at time of publishing

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