ShipFast-ASP.NET by ShipFast-ASP.NET

A .NET SaaS boilerplate with necessary components for shipping your startup's product to customer in a few days and start earning revenue.

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ShipFast ASP.NET is a SaaS boilerplate website template built with ASP.NET 8 Blazor that aims to help developers quickly build and launch websites for startups and apps.

Some key points:

  • It contains common website elements like user authentication, payments integration, documentation pages, and admin interfaces to manage users.

  • Developers can purchase the template, customise it for their project, and launch their site more rapidly than building from scratch.

  • The template is meant to save developers time spent on repetitive setup tasks so they can focus on their unique product features.

  • It supports plugins for additional features.

  • Can be used for various startup and app ideas like marketplaces, e-commerce, APIs, and more.

The goal is to help developers get their minimum viable product launched faster so you can start earning revenue sooner in your startup journey.


  • $149

All licences include

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Blog Module
  • Contact Module
  • Documentation Module
  • Dockerfile
  • E-mail service
  • Entity Framework Core (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, CockroachDB)
  • Landing page
  • Light and Dark theme
  • SEO
  • Stripe payment
  • User Auth
  • User Dashboard
  • Lifetime updates


Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • ASP.NET Core 8
  • Blazor
  • Bootstrap
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