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Speedrail by Ryan Kulp

A Rails 7 template, created to ship SaaS apps quickly. Devise auth, Stripe billing, Tailwind CSS, admin panel, SEO helpers, etc

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Speedrail is a Rails 7 template created to help developers ship SaaS apps quickly. It includes a rich set of features such as a blog CMS, Stripe payment integration, referral marketing, admin panel, user authentication, A/B testing, and more.

The template is designed to be highly customisable and production-ready, with tools like Rubocop for code style enforcement, GitHub Actions for automated testing, and Heroku/Cloudflare deployment. Developers can easily sync their project with the latest Speedrail improvements.

Speedrail also provides detailed documentation and step-by-step tutorials to help developers get started. It is available for a one-time fee of $49 for lifetime access to the premium documentation.


  • $0 for open source
  • $49 for detailed step-by-step tutorials

All licences include

  • A/B testing (Split)
  • admin panel (Active Admin)
  • automated testing (GitHub actions + PR status check)
  • background job queue (Delayed)
  • beautiful code coverage (SimpleCov, TailwindCov)
  • built-in referral marketing (Rewardful)
  • cron job task scheduler (lib/tasks/scheduler.rake)
  • debugging (Better Errors)
  • design (Flowbite, Tailwind UI)
  • easy API requests (HTTParty)
  • embedded subscription payment portal (Stripe Checkout)
  • Heroku <> Cloudflare HTTPS (lib/cloudflare_proxy.rb)
  • interactive charts (Chartkick)
  • Postmark (transactional emails, letter_opener for local preview)
  • production-ready DB (Postgres)
  • random data generation (Faker)
  • rename your app in 1 command (Rename)
  • responsive and mobile friendly navigation
  • rich text blog CMS
  • Rubocop (code style enforcement, linting auto-fixes)
  • script tag GUI (for Google Analytics, etc)
  • SEO toolbelt (metamagic)
  • testing suite (RSpec)
  • user authentication (Devise)


Optimised hosting

  • Heroku

Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Tailwind CSS
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