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StartKit by Danielle & James Ivings

Build your next AI startup 100x faster with this boilerplate code. The first AI boilerplate with all you need to build a complete AI tool. Launch your next AI product in hours instead of weeks!

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StartKit.AI is an AI boilerplate and codebase that aims to help users build AI products faster. Some key points:

  • It provides pre-built modules and APIs for common AI tasks like text summarisation, generation, and translation to save developers time on integration.

  • There are also 5 demo applications included as examples like a chatbot clone.

  • It uses OpenAI APIs under the hood and has Pinecone set up for vector storage and retrieval.

  • The codebase is open source Node.js and includes things like user authentication, API rate limiting, and an admin dashboard.

  • They offer two pricing tiers for one-time perpetual licences that include support and updates.

  • The goal is to help users launch AI startups 100x faster than building from scratch.

The developers pledge to donate 10% of their income to Effective Charities.


  • $199 for Starter
  • $399 for Growth

All licences include

  • Node.js boilerplate code
  • User Authentication
  • APIs for all common AI functionality
  • Vector Database + RAG Setup
  • 10+ demo apps
  • All source code
  • Access to insiders Telegram group
  • Support included
  • 1 year of updates


Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Pinecone
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