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Sveltepack by Rahul Singh

The SvelteKit boilerplate with all the stuff you need to get your product in front of customers. From idea to production in 5 minutes.

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Sveltepack is a comprehensive SvelteKit boilerplate that provides the essential tools and features to help developers launch your online ventures quickly. It handles the mundane tasks like authentication, payments, emails, and support, allowing developers to focus on building your product and getting to market faster.

The boilerplate includes a range of pre-built components, animations, and sections, as well as tutorials for hosting and SEO. Sveltepack is designed to save developers time and minimize stress by eliminating repetitive work and enabling them to launch more often and iterate quicker.

The maker has built enterprise-level SaaS with this boilerplate and achieved $30,000 ARR with it.


  • $158 for Basic
  • $198 for Pro

All licences include

  • Authentication & database integration (PostgreSQL, Supabase)
  • Components, animations & sections
  • DDoS protection (Cloudflare)
  • Documentation
  • Email & support integration (Mailjet, Trello)
  • Hosting tutorial (Netlify)
  • Hotswap styling (Skeleton UI)
  • SEO & blogs
  • Payment integration
  • SvelteKit boilerplate


Optimised hosting

  • Netlify

Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • SvelteKit
  • Tailwind CSS
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