YaSaas by Roperi

A flexible foundation for entrepreneurs looking to monetise their data. A free and flexible SaaS boilerplate built on Django REST Framework and React. It integrates Stripe subscriptions seamlessly and empowers users with Django admin features.

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YaSaas is an open-source SaaS boilerplate built on Django and React frameworks. It provides a full-stack foundation for developing data-driven web applications.

Stripe integration allows setting up subscription plans and collecting payments, while Stripe webhooks grant user access privileges based on plan. Django’s permission system leverages user groups to control precise data access levels.

Additional features include authentication, analytics tracking, and customizable sections to simplify selling data products. The open source nature makes YaSaas accessible for starting data-focused ventures or businesses.


  • $0

All licences include

  • Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Admin dashboard to edit frontend data
  • Authentication and authorization: User signup, login, logout, email verification, account management, social login support.
  • Conditionally include or exclude columns or actions based on the user’s group membership
  • Contact form
  • Emails (AWS SES)
  • Light/dark mode
  • Subscriptions: Set up plans and collect recurring payments with Stripe Subscriptions.
  • User action tracking (including requests within the admin)
  • User login history tracking
  • Themes (Material UI)


Payment processors

  • Stripe

Languages / frameworks

  • Django
  • React
  • Typescript
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